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Visa Service
ITC offers VISA service to all the clients who want to avoid the hassle of standing in a long queue to collect their VISA from the High Commission.
ITC will process all the documents and represent you to the Embassy, to assist you to obtain VISA more easily. If you want to travel to a country that are not listed please contact us for further details.

Singapore Visa service information:

We are authorized visa agent (AVA) for the Singapore consulate, Dhaka.

i. The visa processing fee of S$30 per visa application or its equivalent in local currency;

ii. The service charge in local currency as approved by the authority;

iii. That the applicants should request for a receipt indicating the breakdown of visa processing fee and service charge from the AVA upon making payment;

iv. That the applicants will receive a notification from the AVA on outcome of their visa application; and

v. Any visa-related information as instructed by the Authority from time to time.

PLEASE NOTE : You will need to provide the invitation letter for tourist/business visa along with the relevant documents to represent for your VISA at the Embassy.
NOTE : It is entirely the discretion of the Embassy or the Consulate to grant or deny visas and cancellation fees may apply.