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Services Offered  
Fares Reservation Ticketing
Most competitive rates and convenient routing for travel
Through our GDS system, we are able to provide you instant information on availability of seats, fares, and schedule to any destination.
Offer various options for a journey to help you choose one, which suits your needs.
Negotiate with airlines to get discounts for group of 15 or more traveling together
Develop incentive travel scheme for your company
Issuance of paper tickets;
Issue PTAs
Issue e-tickets.
Seat assignments
Ensuring relevant details of Frequent Flyer are inserted in the reservations
Ticket delivery service
All reservations are confirmed by fax or email. The itineraries show all flight numbers, aircraft types, airfares and seat arrangements.
Worldwide Hotel Reservations/ Holiday Packages
Book hotels for business or holiday trips worldwide.
Design holiday packages which suits your requirement
Car hire
Worldwide as well as domestic car hire reservation can be made through ITC. We can arrange car rentals for
Airport to Airport rentals
One day rentals
City to Airport rentals
One way point to point rentals
Extended rentals of over a month