Why do you need the services of a Travel Agency?

There are a number of choices, decisions and details involved in each and every trip you make. If you miss one detail it can cause your dream trip to turn into a disaster. As travel professionals, we have the expertise to take care of every aspect of your travel need.

Here are some more reasons for you to choose ITC as your first resource in travel

We offer the lowest fares anywhere. We search for the lowest fares through our Reservations system and guarantee the lowest fare for your journey.

Stop searching the Internet and making numerous calls for cheap fares. Call us and let us take care of all your needs with the reservations, fares, ticketing, seat assignments, itinerary changes and other things that which would take a lot of your important time. As you are aware airlines change their fares continuously everyday and there is no way to guarantee a fare unless you book it. Also there are lists of rules for each and every fare out there. Understanding these rules is very complex. At ITC we have experts who can take care of all that for you and take away your worries and stress.

When planning a trip there are so many details to consider that many are overlooked. Travel documents, such as passports, visas, taxes, tours, hotels, ground transportation and the list can get longer into infinity.

Let the PROFESSIONALS at ITC handle all the details of your trip. We are here for you and we will see that all your concerns are addressed.

ITC is your one stop source. We arrange everything right here from reservations, ticketing, ticket delivery service, hotels, car rentals, ground transportation, visa service, meet and assist service, you name it.