Tourist Visa Requirement

Documents to be submitted:

1)  A passport valid for at least 6 months.

2)  Two completed application forms.

3 ) Two clear passport-size photographs taken frontally.

4 )  A legalized letter of invitation with the Cameroon Police from either the host/contact/partner in Cameroon (accompanied by a legalized copy of the National Identity Card).

5 ) Return or continuation ticket.

6 ) Bank statement (at least £1, 000), except where a tour operator/travel agency is organizing a trip.

7 ) Travel Insurance.


Yellow fever vaccination is required for entry to Cameroon. W.H.O recommended vaccinations are advisable including:

a . Cholera

b . Typhoid

c . Hepatitis A and B

d . Tetanus

e . Polio

For any specific query, please call at 0000 (Hotline)

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